Scientists unveil map of ‘epigenome’

Finally! Epigenetics is coming into the mainstream of science & medicine.

Epigenetics explains the relationship between your genes and your lifestyle. How you can make or break your life by what you do.

The epigenome can turn genes in DNA on or off. (iStockphoto: cosmin4000 )

The epigenome can turn genes in DNA on or off. (iStockphoto: cosmin4000 )

I have been teaching this for nearly 20 years but even doctors have argued with me.

Now the science backs ME up. Not them.

Good genes treated badly => sickness & disease
Poor genes treated well => health & wellness

Diet, nutrition and even sleep can change your disease states. Yes, what you do and how  you live (lifestyle and choices) can make you sick and die early. But it can even reverse diseases. Here’s the proof, finally!

Quote: “The human genome is the blueprint for building an individual person. The epigenome can be thought of as the cross-outs and underlinings of that blueprint: if someone’s genome contains DNA associated with cancer but that DNA is “crossed out” by molecules in the epigenome, for example, the DNA is unlikely to lead to cancer.”

Researchers unveiled the map of the ‘epigenome’ in the journal Nature today, along with nearly two dozen related papers.

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Nature Journal Article: Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes

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